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The Festival

Moynalty Yoga Festival is the brainchild of yoga teacher and healing facilitator, Marion Gilsenan, who set up this boutique style community event in 2012. Through the hard work and perseverance of a collective of stalwart women, the festival was resurrected after the Covid pandemic, and this year's event promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Inspired by Marion, the organisers are driven by a common vision of promoting health and well-being through positive change, channelled through accessible, feel-good events. It's all happening at Rathinree Farm, Moynalty, a lovely new location set in beautiful natural surroundings in the heart of rural Ireland and looking across towards the ancient megalithic cairms of Lough Crew.

A spellbinding variety of yoga, dance, meditation, chanting, sound healing, and breathwork, will take place across the weekend in 3 workshop venues. Plus a separate stage for a variey of interesting speakers.

Check out our therapist and treatment stalls as well as the sauna guys and make sure to enjoy some of the yummy wholesome food available throughout the weekend.

Children go free and are sure to enjoy the Tir na nOg area.

Camping is available from Friday evening at 4pm for weekend ticket holders with an Openiing Ceremony for the festival at 8pm.

Moynalty Yoga Festival aspires towards a zero waste and leave no trace policy and we welcome your co-operation in this regard.

We can't wait to welcome you all, for a special weekend of festival fun!


Co. Meath,
A82 FA46


Saturday and Sunday
15th and 16th June 2024

Workshop Facilitators

Here are some of our facilitators.

Speaker 1

Simone Meschnig

Sound healing therapist, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Laughter Yoga leader and Artist

Speaker 2

Alan Dunne

Passionate about the health benefits of the holistic arts from around the world.

Speaker 2

Aidas Guliokas

Enthusiast and purpose-driven leader whose mission is to raise consciousness wherever I go.

Speaker 2


Practitioner of yoga to manage mental health. Giving yoga classes for calming the mind.

Speaker 2

Mary Leahy

Mary is a very experienced holistic therapist and yoga teacher.

Cathy Tobin

Cathy Tobin

Cathy is a qualified hatha yoga teacher with a nursing background.

Linda Martin Picture

Linda Martin

The Kundalini Revolution.

Ling Picture


Yoga teacher & trainer and Eastern Therapeutic Massage Therapist & Trainer

Noreen Green Picture

Noreen Green

Teacher of Tantric Yoga and Meditation with over 20 years experience.

Olive MacDonagh Picture

Olive MacDonagh

Certified juice therapist and nutritionist and teacher of kundalini yoga, kundalini reiki and sound therapy.

Noeleen Brogan Picture

Noeleen Brogan

Yoga teacher, Shaman and Reiki Master who shares healing through yoga, meditation and healing.

/Joan McGinn Picture

Joan McGinn

Experienced Yoga Teacher focusing on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion.

Christine Desmond Cleary Picture

Christine Desmond Cleary

Visionary Fine Artist, exploring frequency and creativity through Art and self exploration.

Katherine McKenna

Katherine McKenna

Pranic healing pioneer and special education advocate who leads autism-focused pre-school and seminars.

Teresa Murphy-Moore Picture

Teresa Murphy-Moore

Yoga teacher for over 20 years, blending her Yoga flows and Philosophy.

Margaret Comerford Cleary Picture

Margret Comerford

Practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan for 13 years Margaret loves to teach and share her experience.

Sarah Curran Picture

Sarah Curran

Ashtanga and Yin Yoga teacher and bodywork therapist with over 20 years personal practice..

Dearbhla Grall Picture

Dearbhla Grall

Specialist in teaching yoga for children and teens, passionate about pioneering wellness for young people.

Ross Cousens Picture

Asta Jakubson

Certified planetarium energy healer-sharer, land healer and love mentor.

Viktorija Bhakti Marga Picture

Viktorija & Bhakti Marga

Bhakti Marga brings divine connection, self-healing through OM Chanting, and joyful musical devotion.

Karla from House of Yoga Picture

Karla from House of Yoga

Karla is the creator of House of Yoga - a unique fusion of breath and movement with deep and disco House music.

Maura O'Donoghue Picture

Maura O'Donoghue

A yoga teacher who wants to help others who discovered yoga through her own journey of self healing.

Cormac Noonan Picture

Cormac Noonan

Shamanic practitioner, Breathwork facilitator and Rahanni healing practitioner.

Gavin Bone Picture

Gavin Bone

Spiritual healer using Chakras and Aura Energy for psychic mediumship, dowsing, magical practise.

Emma Lock Picture

Emma Lock

Designer of 9 week "Journey to Antarya" course of a journey through the chakras.

Beto Mollica Picture

Beto Mollica

Shivam Yoga teacher for many years having trained in Brazil under Master Arnaldo de Almeida.

Karina Rodrigues Picture

Karina Rodrigues

Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Womens Circle facilitator, bringing light and love to to all.

Rachael Nitya Picture

Rachael Nitya

Kundalini practioner focusing on energy transmission, meditation and life force energy development.

Linda Culleton.png Picture

Linda Culleton

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE®) practitioner and teacher.

Catherine Monaghan Picture

Catherine Monaghan

Yoga and Vinyasa flow teacher with an additional focus on restorative yoga.

Yuki Fragariani Picture

Yuki Fragariani

Combining Hypnotherapy and Yoga to develop mind-body-psyche connection.

Marie Angeline Picture

Marie Angeline

A healer with over 25 years experience offering healing and wellness workshops in a wide range of settings.

Christina Breen Picture

Christina Breen

Living Somatic Movement and Yoga Teacher bringing awareness to the whole self.

Tom Quinn Picture

Tom Quinn

Tom runs Rhythm Alchemy Drumming where he offers weekly Community Drumming.

Sukhada Repass Picture

Sukhada Repass

A Holistic Therapist for 25 years, Sukhada runs The Shambala Holistic & Retreat Centre in Co. Fermanagh.

Fiona Gracey Picture

Fiona Gracey

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and holistic therapies teacher for over 25 years.

Summary Schedule

The festival kicks off on Friday from 7:30pm with a heart opening puja with Noreen Greene.

Hotel 1
Hotel 1
Hotel 1
Hotel 1

Festival Schedule.

A fun weekend for all.
The festival kicks off on Friday from 7:30p with a heart opening puja with Noreen Greene

Lots of yoga as the name suggests as well as other workshops centred around ideas such as Meditation as Medicine, healthy food, sustainable housing and the power of the spoken word MYF is going back to its beginnings as an all inclusive event where there is lots for everyone even the very reluctant yogi!! .


Rathinree - Saturday

Release the Beat. Karla from_House of Yoga

Vinyasa Flow. Catherine Monaghan

Vinyasa flow is a gentle yoga which incorporates lots of breath work and relaxation.

Astrology Asta Jakubson

How Your Horoscope Star Sign Can Transform Your Life.

Mindfulness - Experience the gift of mindfulness. Joan McGinn

Open yourself to the present moment and build awareness through body and breath.

Twin hearts Meditation Katherine McKenna

A meditation workshop to flush out negative thoughts and emotions from our Mind.

Om chanting Viktorija & Bhakti Marga

Experience the power of OM to activate the self-healing.Viktorija & Bhakti Marga

Kirtan.Viktorija J

Shamanic Journey. Marie Angeline & Eileen Brey

Shamanic Journey with American flute.

Kingsfort - Saturday

Gentle Healing Yoga Maura O Donoghue

An hour of gentle yoga and breath work.

Tension & Trauma release session Linda Culleton

Activate the natural reflex mechanism of the body of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension and calms down the nervous system.

Yin Class. Sarah Curran.

Qigong. Alan Dunne.

Learn the Five Element Flow Qigong Form

Ashtanga Yoga. Sarah Curran.

Sound Bath. Simone Meschnig

Immerse yourself in this wonderful and magical sound bath.

Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing. Ling

Yoga nidra and sound healing with breath work, chi gung and self massage techniques .

An Tobar - Saturday

Kundalini Yoga. Olive MacDonagh

A wonderful blend of breathwork, movement, mantra meditation and relaxation. All you need to do is show up and the rest will be beautifully guided. Beginners welcome .

Shivam Yoga. Beto Mollica

In Beto's class you will use breathing techniques, posture and deep stretching to bring about a state of deep relaxation.

Gentle Yoga for the spirit of the soul. Mary Leahy

This Hatha Yoga class is gentle and flowing for healing and wellbeing.

Yoga with Dearbhla. Dearbhla Grall

Experience meridian based Yoga Therapy, focus on the heart and small intestine, leaving you feeling clear, calm and centered.

Elevated. Teresa Murphy-Moore

Beautiful fluid shakti flowing movements blended with mantra, EFT Tapping, chi gong and breathflows.. you will feel elevated.

Yoga with Reiki. Karina Rodrigues

Gentle movements with a focus on breathing, a moment to go inward, to listen to and respect your body.

Yoga with Reiki. Karina Rodrigues

Double session following on from above


Rathinree - Sunday

Sunrise Breathwork and Sound bath Aidas & Ola

Sound healing perfect for relaxation, meditation, and stress reduction together with breathwork to improve mental well-being and physical health.

Hatha Yoga Class. Cathy Tobin

Hatha yoga class suitable for everyone and will promote your ability to relax and stretch both your mind and body

Shivam Yoga class. Catriona

Shivam Yoga class.

The Healing Vortex Yuki Fragariani

Come and experience a deep guided meditation and group hypnosis.

Connected Breathwork and Music. Cormac Noonan

Cormac will be guiding participants on a journey to the Otherworld using the power of conscious connected breathing and music.

Kundalini Yoga. Linda Martin

Kundalini Yoga class.

Kingsfort - Sunday

Kundalini Yoga. Sandra Lulei

Connect with the space of the heart to be, and remain open to healing and new experiences

Tantra Workshop. Noreen Green

Tantric Puja - Honouring the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in each of us.

Kundalini Innerdance. Rachael Nitya

An energy transmission, meditation and journey to activate your life force energy

Kundalini Innerdance. Rachael Nitya

Double Session following on from above.

Energetic Esotericism. Gavin Bone

A Practical Guide to the Chakras and How to Work with Them

An Tobar - Sunday

Yoga Flow. Noeleen Brogan

We will connect to the elements all around us allowing them to move freely within our bodies whilst making space for the gift of connecting home to ourselves ❤️

Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Meditation. Margaret Comerford

Using the Ancient Art of Sat Nam Rasayan to produce a specific state of meditation and awareness to bring about healing.

Restorative Reiki Yoga & Sound Sukhada Repass & Fiona Gracey

A deeply relaxing experience where you will feel the stress & tension melt away as you relax into the poses.

Somatic Movements Christina Breen

Move somatically to bring much more awareness to the whole self.

Drumming Circle Tom Quinn

Learn to drum and make rythyms.

Festival Venue

Festival venue location info and gallery

Rathinree Lower, Moynalty, Co. Meath.

In the heart of Ireland's ancient east and looking across to the neolithic site of Lough Crew it's the perfect setting to reconnect with our natural heritage and let your hair down for the weekend. Parking and basic camping facilities are available in a field a short 2 or 3 minute walk from the site.


Camping is available for full weekend guests. The site has limited facilities and does not have showers.

Hotel 1

Let your hair down and enjoy the fun and yoga.

Hotel 2

Meet old friends and new.

Hotel 3

Enjoy the clear night sky overhead.


The Saturday Concert is back with another lovely line-up for 2024. Old friends back and some new friends too.

Hotel 1

Judi Cranston – Soul Rocker: Connecting you to the voice of your soul.

Celtic Kirtan

Celtic Kirtan with Eileen Bray.

The Bard of Tara Picture

Spoken Word with Kyrie Murray - The Bard of Tara.

Lorraine & Bob Gogarty

Lorraine & Bob Gogarty - Father and Daughter Duo

Olive MacDonagh

Olive MacDonagh - Kirtan and More

Rachael Nitya Guitar Picture

Rachael Nitya - Music


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Weekend tickets provide access to all activities on both Saturday & Sunday. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday provide access to activities on those days only. Student / Teen tickets are also available. Kids go free.

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  • Herbalism & Sustainability

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Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any more info or help.


Moynalty Yoga Festival, Unit 2 Trimgate Mall, Bakery Lane, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland.

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